Touristiques à voie normale


New 2014! 3 3D movies showing travels aboard tourist trains in the south of France. 3D Bonus included.

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Movie 1: We travel on the railway operated by the “Train à vapeur des Cévennes” between St-Jean-du-Gard and Anduze. With a long history of rail transport, the CITEV installs its travelers in first class old equipment to make them discover a dreamlike decor.

Movie 2: On board the “Train Rouge” with which “TPCF” (train of Cathar country and Fenouillèdes) make its travelers discover the line between Rivesaltes and Axat, from the sea to the mountains.

Movie 3: The “train à Vapeur de Martel” makes us admire magnificent views of the Dordogne valley, casting its coaches on a continuous slope line.

3D Bonus: Footage taken at the “Salon of the model train” of Orleans in 2012.

Additional 1 special edition DVD including 2 movies: Travel with the 241P17 on a circular route in the alpine valleys from Lyon. Travel with the 141R1199 on the Nantes – Les Sables d’Olonne line.

Warning : reading this Blu-ray disc requires a “side by side” 3D format compatible video equipment.

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